God Is Humanity Fully Alive

"The Glory of God is humanity fully alive!" (St. Athanasius)

In scripture, a "new Jerusalem" descends from the clouds. But the new energy that transforms our world will not descend from above: it will emanate from the atomic structure of your body. Your body will radiate the New Creation. Your radiance will transform the earth.

Our religions have all shared a mythological hope of leaving the body for a "higher" world. But in the age now dawning, there is communion through sensation in the body. In the Lord's Supper, we taste a tiny portion of bread and wine. The central religious rituals of Holy Eucharist, Jewish Sedar, Hindu Puja, are prophetic meals. Their symbolism foreshadows this age: God is here, now, in the ordinary sacraments of daily work. Let us value this human body as the temple of initiation. We need no other church. In Jesus' words, "Your whole body will be filled with light." In the most ancient cosmology, the Vedic scriptures of India, one of God's original titles is "Narayana." "Nara" is the Indo-European root of the English word, "nerve." "Yana" means "control." God is not beyond the body, but the "controller of the nervous system."

"Honor every sensation as an angel of light...."

We can abandon the old three-story house where soul, mind, and flesh form a hierarchy both ontological and moral. What was "low" is now exalted; the body is as good as the spirit. Greek philosophy and Christian asceticism regarded the body as the "prison-house of the soul." But our body can be a shrine where we honor each firy atom as the Holy of Holies. Our flesh is sacred ground where Moses meets God. This brain-stem is the Burning Bush, lit with the Lord's electric "I Am." This nervous system is the Tree of Life in a garden of Paradise. Honor every sensation as an angel of light.

The practice of body awareness is not sensuality. Sensuality was in your past, before you started meditation, when your awareness was annihilated in physical experience. Your consciousness went to sleep in the body. You needed more and more crude stimulation to feel anything at all. This is the chronic drowziness of him who has no spiritual practice, or the workaholic who is functioning on auto-pilot. This state can become a downward spiral of compulsiveness, depression, or addiction. But body awareness frees you from such patterns of sensuality and dullness. Attending mindfully to sensations, you need less stimulation, not more. Sensation can be refined and purified by consciousness, until just dwelling in the body is ecstatic.

"Attend sensation in the present moment... dwell more in the body and less in thought."

Dwell more in the body and less in thought. You will attune to the energy that irradiates the planet as earth passes into a new region of the galaxy, where there is a much higher sub-nuclear vibration than earthly matter has ever felt. This new frequency will vibrate"up" through the atomic nuclei of the body, not "down" through the soul or the mind. Those who do not attune to it through their bodies will experience chaos and confusion. Those who practice body awareness will experience a smoother transition.

The nucleus of a single atom contains boundless energy. Each particle of your flesh is a portal to infinity. The light of God and "the light of the body" are one light. Therefor, in times of transition, trust the sensations that emanate from your body, not the fearful imagery of your thoughts. In Matthew 25, Jesus warned, "When you see the abomination of desolation prophecied by Daniel, stand in the Holy Place!" The Holy Place is the energy-field of your own body. When you sense the chaos of the world around you, shift your attention inward: not to the mind and its thoughts, but to the vibrancy of your nervous system. Rest there and be sustained by the Manna of an unexpected delight...

Beware of the mind. Mind is destroying the earth. We look to intellectuals and technocrats to save us, but mind is the problem, not the solution. See what chaos the think-tank PHD's have brought upon the earth! Do you really believe that the world will be saved by the Harvard School of Business, the Project for a New American Century, the Heritage Foundation? Ideology drives humanity to war and makes excuses for the exploitation of the innocent. The time of the intellectual has passed. Blessed are the intuitives: they shall inherit the kingdom.

"Envelop each sensation in a glow of awareness, as a flame envelops a candle's wick."

Those who dwell primarily in ideas will know great anxiety and mental illness in the coming years of transition. But at any moment you can shift to body awareness and avoid much suffering. In meditation, attend sensation in the present moment. Apply consciousness to the body without intervening thought. Envelop each sensation in a holy cloud of pure awareness, as a flame envelops a candle's wick. Divine light will flow up through that sensation. Sensation will dissolve into prayer....

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