No One Is Saved By A Book

Like a mirror, scripture reflects what we bring to it. Its words mirror the qualities of our own consciousness. The fearful find a fearsome God in Holy Writ, as the warlike find a justification for war. In that same scripture, those with awakened hearts will find the law of love. And the enlightened will see one truth, which is simply the radiance of their own Awareness, shining through all the world's great scriptures.

When we find truth in an ancient text, it is because we have already awakened that truth in ourselves. Scripture gives confirmation of what we already half know, but hesitate to fully embrace. If deep in our own awareness we have not already experienced that truth as self-evident, we will not see it on paper, even when the words are printed in red.

Neither the Bible nor the Koran can save anybody. Scriptures have power at the time they are written because, in the present moment, Awareness energizes words. But when those words become shrines to the past, there is no revelation. Revelation shines not from dried ink and old trees but from Awareness itself. The Word is an inward light that shines inside you before any scripture is every written on paper. Does the Bible itself not confirm this? The first chapter of Genesis proclaims that the shrine of God on earth is neither a Book nor a Temple, but God's image reflected within us. "In God's own image and likeness God created humanity."

The world needs a new revelation: one that has nothing to do with a book. The world needs a revelation that speaks through Silence, not words; through the Presence, not the story of the past.

The truth is, this new revelation is already happening in you right now. To receive it, you must pay no attention whatsoever to the chatter of your thoughts or the memory of old words. Instead, rest your attention in the silence of Being itself, the unspeakable Presence that enfolds you. This is so very simple, but it requires courage. For you must refuse to form any image, any word, any concept of that fierce and nameless beauty.

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