The Simple Solution

Contrary points on a two-dimensional surface cannot be resolved without adding a third dimension. In three-dimensional space, these disparate points become one at the apex of a pyramid. Similarly, all the environmental, political, and economic problems in our present world have entered such a critical stage that they can never be resolved on the material plane. A new dimension must be added, where our overwhelming problems may be solved in a simple unity.

This new dimension is Awareness. It has always been here, in the background of our thoughts. But now pure Awareness - clear, empty, boundless, unlimited by the contours of a single thought - must emerge from background into foreground as our fundamental experience.

Human beings have been using Awareness, but have not been living the experience of Awareness. When a threshold percentage of our population finally comes to rest in the direct experience of their own Awareness, they will cover the earth with blessing. A new dimension will dawn, through which unexpected solutions will emerge in such a spontaneous way that people will declare, "Why of course! Why didn't we think of this before?" But these solutions will not come from our thinking. They will emerge from an inner silence deeper than thought. We call this phenomenon intuition.

Complexity is not resolved in the political, economic, or scientific theories of the intellectual. The intellectual remains fixed on the level of the problem, answering complexity with complexity. A complexity at the level of the problem is only resolved by a simplicity at another level. Einstein wrote, "A problem cannot be solved on the same level of thinking that produced the problem." That is why, when we get stuck in an intellectual quandary, it is usually solved only when we abandon it. We go for a walk, or we go to sleep, or we have a talk with a child. Suddenly, the solution dawns from an unexpected source.

In the coming Age of Awareness, world problems will solve themselves through the joyful interactions of intuitive people, in anonymous sacraments of the local and the ordinary. Global crises will dissolve as a matter of scale, when Awareness confronts the vast in the commonplace, a world in a grain of sand.

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