Winged Heart

Be a buried seed, stirred by warmth toward radiance unseen. Surrender, through longing, to longing. Become your longing. Discover the secret: longing for God is God.

Breathing is the simplest prayer.

When you breathe in, God is your life. Now breathe out: through that breath, you offer all creation back to the Source. This is real worship, the only temple sacrifice required, and your body is the temple. All rituals and sacraments of every religion whatsoever are rehearsals for your first conscious breath. When you breathe life consciously, you need no other religion.

When you inhale, you create a ritual for receiving the Holy Spirit. You can consciously imbibe Spirit into every cell, every particle of your body. A single atom contains the same vast space that fills galaxies. as you breathe God in, you incorporate infinity in your flesh. Then you offer the sweet incense of exhalation. In gratitude, you give the miracle of creation back to its creator. This perfect offering requires no priest but you.

Exhaling, your mind naturally descends into your heart. In the hollow core of your heart, surrender. The radiant emptiness in your heart's core is pure love, love that has no object, no content, no whom? or why? Without goal or motive, horizon-less love expands. Thus, love includes all, forgives all, redeems all.

The empty heart of pure love is creative. From this space, galaxies are born. The Creator within you whispers:

"I carried you here on wings of silence.

"We are twin pinions of one heart, Lover and Beloved opened wide with Longing, folded in with Love. We embrace in the stillness between breaths.

"Many starve for Me because they want to know Me before they pray. They ask, 'How can you pray if you don't know God?' But I ask, How can you know Me until you pray? Prayer comes first, then I Am.

"I am known through a longing that wings the void of not-knowing. The breath of your longing for Me is but a tiny wave, returning to the ocean of my longing for You."

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