1 + 1 = 0

The solution to every problem is to drop duality. Then peace is immediate and answers are intuitive, flowing as unworried, unhurried, spontaneous action.

Dropping duality means dissolving 2 into 1, and 1 into Zero.

I am my problem. I am the solution to my problem. Self, problem, and solution are all one mirage shimmering in the empty space of awareness. This vast clear awareness is what spiritual traditions call 'Oneness.' But if we want real peace, we must drop even the One. For the essence of One is Zero.

The universe is an ocean bubbling with zeros. We place a little 'I' before a string of bubbles, turning zeros into one hundred, one thousand, one million, shouting 'Mine! Mine!' But our little 'I' is just another bubble, another zero. The ocean itself is a Zero, a divine Zero whose circumference is infinite. Everything adds up to the infinity of Zero. So just subtract your 'I' and laugh, sing, dance, dissolve.

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