The Shape of the World

If you want to see the shape of the world,
subtract the "I."
Every mountain, every plum blossom,
every mouth about to speak
and that moon floating in the sky:
all zeros!
Hills and valleys rolling
to the round horizon:
empty circles, fluctuations
of the vacuum in the O of an atom,
waves of laughter in the belly of emptiness.
God has written a book about the Void.
People quote it all the time, saying nothing.
So be silent, find any ring
and leap into it's center!
You'll feel as free as light
from a star that no longer exists.
Make the sound of "Oh"
and never point your finger at anybody.
If you put a one in front of these ciphers
your marvelous sigh will cease
and you'll have to go to work
adding it all up.

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Anonymous said...

.."and you´ll have to go to work"...

which is not a bad idea :-)

love you, thank you,