Heart of the Path

The heart of the path is to rest our awareness in its own mirror-like emptiness and self-luminosity, even for a brief moment, again and again without effort, until the Inner Light outshines the world. Then we can cherish every person we meet, friend or foe, as the reflection of our own radiance.

To discover the divine Self in the human other, and the divine Other in the human self, is the real meaning of love, the real work of God, and our real purpose on earth. We need not spiritualize the experience, making it a Mystery for the enlightened few. Nor need we politicize our love, reserving it for the poor or the oppressed, for that is a subtle judgment against everyone else. If the unity is real, it happens wherever we are, with whoever is right in front of us this moment.

"There are no others." said Ramana Maharshi. "Love your neighbor as your own self," said Jesus, quoting the Jewish Torah. "See God in every pair of eyes," said Shri Shri Gurudev.

Is the unity known through self-inquiry alone, or is the grace of the Master required?

Find out now. Don't wait another minute!

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