Drop The Veil

A veil of one thought separates me from perfect happiness: "I must do something to deserve it."

No deed is ever good enough to deserve perfect happiness. It cannot be acquired by achievement.

Perfect happiness is not achieved because it's already here! It is our birthright: the gift ever given before we do anything to deserve it. That is why little children experience moments of perfect happiness: they have yet to be indoctrinated out of it.

A Vedic text declares, Antar mukhi sada sukhi. "One who perceives the Divinity within is happy." The happiness we are, before we do anything, makes love possible. When Jesus spoke the great commandment, "Love thy neighbor as thy self," he clearly taught that caring for others is rooted in self-care. Why then did so many of his followers turn S-E-L-F into a four letter word?

To love others, I must love me. I love me, not for what I achieve, but for what I Am. I love me because I was loved by God before I did anything, when God first poured the nectar of delight into the hollow core of my soul.

How many more lifetimes will I hide my perfect happiness beneath the veil of one thought, "I must do something to deserve it"?

Why not drop the veil and be happy now?

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