Twice a Day

In the tavern of my heart
I get drunk twice a day.
On the door there's a name
that turns all other words to laughter
but I can't pronounce it when I get like this
so I just point and dance.
I yell at people in the street:
"Don't go to work! Step inside,
drink this bewildering wine!
The tavern keeper won't bill you
till the end of time.
Then you can tell him, 'It's your fault:
your grace made me tipsy!'
Such wine is better than breast milk.
When nothing is left, you'll see your Beloved
gazing from the bottom of the cup.
This is the emptiness we all adore!"

1 comment:

Dana Chamseddine said...

Tavern guy!
Why don't you invite me...

Have not you seen my face becoming too serious to be true...
Have not you seen me running like 'a dog behind a car' with no ability to stop...
How can Truth pass into oblivion, unashamed, naked in the sun, just before the Almighty Consciousness...

I forgot these same words that uttered my existence... in the darkness of this 'mindful' mind...

And there in the tavern, people were forgetting themselves wholly, on the only path to self-remembrance... 'Mind' itself passed into oblivion... And the wine was the king of the show...

- Do they 'mind'? One voice exclaimed...
- No, they exist!