My Burden Is Light

Some people think they can HAVE it all. Very few know that they can BE it all.

Why limit yourself to an infinitesimal "i"? Nothing is heavier than this little "i" trying to possess everything. Let the "i" dissolve into "Am," and the weight is gone. i don't have to carry anything because I Am everything. This is what Christ-Consciousness meant when he said, "My yoke is easy, my burden is light."

At this very moment, there are countless conscious beings who are more miserable and afraid than you are, and countless conscious beings who are more joyful and enlightened. Yet they are all You, for You are consciousness itself: clear, self-luminous, unlimited space containing all others, all worlds of hell and heaven, in addition to this tiny reference point you call "i." Thus you have immediate access to the suffering and the ecstasy of the entire cosmos.

You can breathe in the darkness of this and many other worlds, tenderly holding their pain in your heart, for your silent heart is a space wider than any suffering. The weariness you enfold in that space is not just your personal weariness; it is the weariness of all sentient beings. In your heart, embrace all suffering without fear. Transmute that weight into the weightless pure luminosity You Are. Then breathe out Compassion through every cell of your body.

Likewise, You can breathe in the radiance of the sun, the stars, the brilliance of creation's first day, the splendor of myriad celestial kingdoms. For they are all waves and bubbles of the one oceanic being You Are. Breathe perfect Light into the crystal Christ-All center of your heart. Be utterly and finally illumined this instant. Now, breathe out Beauty through every cell of your body.

It's no fun being separate when you can be All, when you can be part of the bright Cloud of Witnesses, the Communion of Saints, that envelopes the earth.

Happy All Saints Day!
November 1, 2009

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