After love making, Shiva told Parvati about Krishna wooing Radha, and dancing with the Gopis in the garden of Vrindavan. While Shiva was telling it, the story seemed so real! But when the story was over, Shiva said, 'Darling, it was only a story representing my love for you, which is the union of the Self with its own luminescence.'

While this was happening, Krishna lay with Radha in the kunj under a fruit-swollen tree in Vrindavan, telling her the story of Shiva and Parvati, which seemed so very real! But when it was over, Krishna said, 'Darling, it was only a story representing your heart's longing for Beauty, and the shower of grace that responds.'

Which story shall we believe? Are not all lies about lovers true?

I know this only because I am the hollowness in Krishna's flute as it gently slips from his fingers when he falls asleep on Radha's breast. When breezes brush through the garden, a nameless sighing fills me, and I become the song of all the Gods.

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