The Chance of a Lifetime

Why do you seek the blessing of a guru?
The moment of birth was your initiation
into the highest spiritual path
when you received three sacred jewels,
talismans to guide you home:
this breath for a prayer,
this body for a temple,
the present moment for a teacher.
Angels and Devas wait countless ages
to receive what you have been given.
Don't waste the precious honor
of a human birth!


Colleen Loehr said...

Every conscious breath connects me to God and all of life. Or rather, this fact of connection with Life enters awareness with every conscious breath.

Since reading your recent posts I find when I am at a red light or waiting in line at the store or waiting for the computer to boot up or brushing my teeth or during a thousand other glittering moments during the day, awareness is drawn back to the breath like a lover sinking into an embrace with the beloved.

Thank you for your clear and heart felt words that are bringing me home to myself through the power of silence and breath awareness.

Monica said...

Beatifully said.

Thanks for posting!