Walmart Vedanta


no more Walmart Vedanta!

All these thousand-petaled lotuses

floating around without roots

doing Bipolar Yoga:

non-dualism in the forehead,

Tantra in the groin.

A quote from Mira Bai

and you long for the Lord of moonlight,

but one verse from the Avadhut

and all is empty space, that is,

until you smell the pizza.

Friend, these aren't glimmers of moksha:

they're just states of mind.

What comes and goes can't be Truth.

Your guru costs you money

but the cost of wisdom is death

to shopping around.

Sex has many disguises: touching your brow

to the master's naked feet

is one of them.

And nobody's more stuck

that a horny non-dualist.

So if your thousand petaled lotus

needs fertilizer

don't sprinkle a withered flower.

Get real, get down

to the root.

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nice post. thanks.