If They Arrest You For Dancing

If they arrest you for dancing

If they bind your hands and feet
and throw you in a prison cell
where your only possession
is silence
and they hold your face under water
in your last moment
what Name
will you sing?

When you grow very old
propped up to gaze from your darkening window
for the last time at the apple tree
the hyacinth the moving cloud the sea
with falling heart and failing breath
and strength for only a single word
what Name
will you sing?

The one who has been near youfrom the beginning
partner lover friend
each step of the path beside you
always beside you
even when you were hardly there
now your lips move unable
to speak at journey's end at this
moment of parting
what Name
will you sing?

But you can dance
you are not too old to swim
in the cold dangerous lovely waves
of this day
the Friend still beside you
so present that the seasons change
with every heartbeat now
awake and be grateful sing
her Name.

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