So Obvious

A few moments merely Being, without being any one or any thing, flood the day with the ocean of eternity. Then it becomes so obvious that all the hopes and plans of men and angels are but dim reflections of this apple blossom's yearning for the sun.

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Colleen Loehr said...

Being, without being anyone or anything, floods the day with the ocean of eternity...These words are a diving board for awareness to jump into the clarity and joy of emptiness. I've always not been anything but being- though I imagine myself to be someone nearly constantly. This arduous imagining is dropped as your words catapult me out of mind and into life.

Yesterday my husband and I also watched the you tube video of Thomas Keating through the link on this website. We were stunned at his words about the Father emptying himself into the son, and how this is the same truth as the Buddhist sutra which says emptiness is form and form is emptiness. Beautiful and true! Thanks you.