Om Purnamidah

"Om purnamadah purnamidam, purnaat purna-mudachyate,
purnasya purna-madaya, purna-meva vashishyate." 
(Isopanishad) Link to hear Pandit Jasraj chant

"That (empty space of consciousness) is full; this (manifest universe) is also full. When this fullness is formed out of that fullness, or when this fullness merges back into that fullness, all remains the same fullness."

"The vacuum carries within itself the possibilities of everything that can exist in the physical world. Once we attain true knowledge of the vacuum, we will have a comprehensive knowledge of everything, including the laws of nature. It is as in the thinking of the ancient philosophers. The knowledge of the void, the "nothing," is intimately connected with the knowledge of the "something." We take it as a matter of course that empty space is not really empty."

('Nothingness: The Science of Empty Space,' Henning Genz, professor of theoretical physics at University of Karlsruhe, Germany)

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