Shiva's Lie

"One infinite NO creates a universe of finite yeses."
(Maharshi Mahesh Yogi)

Shiva, light of pure consciousness,
subject without object
pervading all objects,
watching all from within,
as soon as I speak your name
I lie.
And if I call you 'Nameless'
I lie.
As soon I say 'Thou'
I lie:
Shiva transcends duality.
As soon as I say 'One'
I lie:
Shiva transcends non-duality.
If I say 'Formless'
I lie,
'Tryam Bakam the Three in One'
I lie,
'Existence, Consciousness, Bliss'
I lie,
'Thou art'
I lie,
'Art not'
I lie.
Let my lies reveal
the tiny blue violet of your face
blossoming through the dark crack,
splitting open the stone.
Let my lies reveal
the warm brown hills and valleys of your power
in a woman's body.
Let my lies reveal the flash of your smile
in the good warrior's sword,
and the scent of your touch
in the breast-bundled softness of an infant's flesh.
Lord, let my eyes be the lies of Shiva too.
Shiva, Shiva, Shiva!
This world of lies:
The poem of Shiva!

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