Our Revolutionary Situation

 “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations, that already challenge our government to a trial by strength.” (Thomas Jefferson)

Plutocracy - a slightly gentler word for fascism - is government by unregulated mega-corporations. Plutocracy aims to distract us with foreign wars while raping our environment and stealing our democracy at home.

How many more coastlines must perish? How many more miners must die? How many more hard working citizens must go bankrupt paying 35% credit card interest so that Wall Street vultures, who produce no product but debt, can feast on million dollar bonuses? How many more must lose home, pension and healthcare because corporate elites value stockholder profits above the lives of workers and the environment?

Propagandists of the Right want us to believe that virtually all public governance is  "socialism." In fact, regulation of corporate power is not socialism but the discipline of democracy. Through taxation and regulation, we the people protect our commonwealth from exploitation by those who assume that private wealth gives them inordinate privilege.

We are entitled to wealth and the comfort it brings. But our wealth does not entitle us to authority over other citizens or the environment.

It is time for the enlightened to work for progressive political change:
  • Public funding of elections,
  • Empowering workers to resurrect the labor movement,
  • Regulating corporate power,
  • Ending dependence on fossil fuels.
If the rational do not bring progressive revolution, the irrational will bring violent revolution. Do we want streets that flow with justice, or streets that flow with blood? That is the simple choice that now confronts Americans.

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I am deeply grateful for everything you write.