Invest in the Now

'Dow Rebounds After Record Drop' (May 6, 2010, FoxBusiness.com)

Every day we watch the stock market rise and fall, wondering if we'll ever get to WEALTH, wondering how much MORE we can accumulate. Our economy is based on the assumption that there will always be more.

But how could there ever be more than there is right now? Now IS more.

We may reconfigure the CONTENT of now, and stuff it with more things. We call the stuffing of now our wealth. But does stuffing the now with more content actually transform the quality of its SPACE, which is the quality of our awareness?

Real prosperity is knowing that, whatever the content may be, the space of now is eternally brim-full of inviolate bliss. Our wealth is not more or less than the changeless space of now, which has nothing to do with its ever-fluctuating content.

We exhaust our lives investing in future wealth. Yet do we ever feel, "Ah, I finally have enough"? Even those who obtain millions never feel this illusive contentment. For real wealth does not increase or diminish. Nor is it affected by getting or spending.

If we don't feel wealthy right now, we must be looking in the wrong place. This is why Jesus give us this financial advice: "Store up for yourselves not treasure on earth, where moth and rust may corrupt, but store up treasure in heaven." Where is this kingdom? "The kingdom of heaven," he affirms, "is within you." Heaven is awareness.

If you want to strike it rich this very moment, simply allow your awareness to become unlimited spaciousness.

Don't invest in the Dow. Invest in the Now: the only account that perpetually expands and pays immediate dividends.


Anonymous said...

Thank you.....just discovered your page today....it's beautiful!

Colleen Loehr said...

A very uplifting post- contentment blooms in this moment. Thank you!