Sabbath is simply spaciousness. Keeping the Sabbath means resting in the space of awareness. Space is awake: it's content is like a dream. Have a lovely Sunday.

The word ShBaT in Hebrew actually does not mean a day of the week or a temple ceremony. It literally means, "stop, desist from all doing."

If, even for a moment, I surrender my doer-ship, and desist from ascribing "I" to what is happening, this moment refreshes my whole day. During this gap in doer-ship, awareness fills with Shakti's dance: endlessly reconfiguring electrons in the vast silence of Shiva. No need to impose any thought-forms from  my memory onto this dance, in order to give it meaning: for "meaning" is just a repeating loop of my past impressions. After such a moments of I-less seeing, "I" return, thinned out and transparent to the Light of God, to work again in creation.

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