The Secret of Love

When I was with this beloved Teacher, a small roomful of us were gathered before him, and he said two things that transformed my heart. I have never seen these words in print. I want to preserve these teachings in his honor. They have resonated in me for forty years.

1. The wave said to the ocean, 'How can I be like you?' The ocean replied, 'It's easy. Just settle down.'

2. No one ever loves anyone but himself, or herself. Every wave of love goes forth from the Self and returns to the Self. This is the secret of love.

Hearing this first offended me, then confused me, then brought a sea-change in my understanding. I'd always wondered how anyone could be selfless. I'd always suspected that selflessness was a hoax. I knew I would never be capable of it!

Maharshi boldly yet innocently shared what no other had ever said to me. Love is not selfless. Love is divinely selfish. Love gathers all others into the unity of the Self.

For the first time, I could understand the basis of my own Christian tradition, and the Bible's great commandment: Love thy neighbor as thyself. For my neighbor is not other than my Self. Love is the radiance of the Self, the play of the Self, the delight of the Self in itself.

Both Yogic and Biblical traditions are rooted in the vision of non-dualism.

Jai Guru Dev

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