Catch the Wave

In the coming age, the real soul-work will be done, not by world religions or global spiritual organizations, but by local shamanic circles rooted in a sense of place.

A spiritual "movement" is fresh and authentic when 10 to 12 seekers gather in a circle, in someone's living room or under a tree in the back yard. The teacher is your Friend, who walks beside you, stays in your humble guest bedroom, rides in your Honda.

There are no fancy academies. No vast auditoriums with $100 tickets to catch a glimpse of the guru. No canned, rote, step-by-step programs for getting enlightened. No corporate hierarchy. No fund-raisers that give front row seats to the rich. No flower-strewn BMW's. No bowing to a distant Master who nobody can talk to any more because he or she has 4 million groupies, many of whom only last a month.

When a movement gets that big, its time to be a circle again, in someone's living room or under a tree in the back yard. Catch the soul-wave when it's small, compact, circular, barely manifest yet powerful, wild and intimate. When the wave breaks, spectacular and brilliant on the shore, that is precisely when it loses its power. Then the wise rider drops off, to sense the subtle surge of the sea rising in a new wave, just beginning.

To catch a wave, rest in beginnings. Find them in the ocean of your own soul, not in another. The wave is You. You are the frictionless immeasurable moving crest of the present moment. What other movement do you need to join?

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