Ancient Way, Eternal Way

There are two spiritual ways, an ancient way and an eternal way. The eternal way is refreshment in the wellspring of the present moment. Therefor, the eternal way is always new. The eternal way has nothing to do with time.

The ancient way is embedded in time. It is the way of religion, the way of form, the way of formal spirituality. The ancient way can be quite beautiful, as long as one doesn't remain encased in words and images of the past.

I am a chrysalis. My religion is the cocoon in which the chrysalis safely germinates its spirit. The chrysalis takes the cocoon's shape until it is strong enough to spread translucent wings and soar in the vast blue sky, which is the space of my own awareness. In that moment of emergence, I leave the ancient way and enter the eternal.

The ancient way is a story. The story of the ancient way is about the past and the future, yet strangely silent about the present. The eternal way is not a story, and it is all about now.

The ancient way seeks light above. The eternal way finds light within.

The ancient way is rooted in the word. The eternal way is rooted in silence.

The ancient way is straight and narrow. The eternal way is round.

The ancient way fears opposites. The eternal way unites opposites.

The ancient way struggles with doubt. The eternal way embraces doubt, and doubt dissolves.

The ancient way is the one and only way. The eternal way is the way of every human heart to itself.

The teacher of the ancient way declares, 'I am the Light.' The teacher of the eternal way declares, 'You are Light.'

The eternal way is older than the ancient way, for it has no beginning.

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