Christ Love

Christ is not to be believed in, not followed or obeyed, but felt to the bone, down to the marrow and through the atoms, as a vibration of love so intimate yet all-pervading, that it dissolves every distinction between spirit and matter, God and Man.

We may call this stream of love by the name of Christ, Krishna, Buddha, Ishq, or Shakti. What is truly alive exists not through its definition but through its Presence. 'Ekam Sat vipra, bahuda vedantahi' says the Veda: 'Truth is One, the wise have called it by many names.'

This Christ-love is not a theological abstraction, but an organic sensation, awakened by the grace of a living Master. Then the Holy Spirit breathes us, and becomes our own Holy Breath, now, in this world.

Jai Shri Shri Guru Dev

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