Having Fun Yet?

Reasoning thus seems to take all the fun out of life:

Despite the status of the vineyard, the bottle or the year, wine is just a fragrant delivery system for injecting alcohol into the bloodstream. Likewise, all food is just food.

Despite the glamor of anticipation, fantasy and desire, sexual intercourse is finally just a biological phenomenon through which a species reproduces its kind.

Despite the promise of wealth, the quality of Now is not affected by the quantity or cost of its content.

Despite the excitement of the senses, experience of the body is not the Self. Despite the drama of like and dislike, the play of emotion is not the Self. Despite the pride of knowledge, the mind is not the Self.

Reasoning thus, we discriminate between the transient and the eternal. We understand that there never actually was any fun out there in the world of things, sensations, or their residue of memory in the mind.

The only fun is discovering what's deep inside us at the eternal core: discovering the divine No-thing again and again through every transient perception of the glittering dissolving illusory phenomenal world, and then revealing That to our friends.

The only fun is sharing the bliss of the Self, the Self we already are before we eat, drink, like, dislike, have sex or acquire wealth.

Om Namah Shivaya Namasteh: To Shiva, the Supreme Light Within, Uncreated Eternal Bliss of the Self, I bow down, and I bow down to That in you.


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