The Right Time

I've often said, "I'll get to it when I have more time." But the truth is, "more time" in the future is a fundamental delusion of  mind. There will never be more time than there is in this moment.

The feeling that "I don't have time" is produced in a tense, stressed nervous system. The anxious brain discharges a signal that becomes the thought, "I don't have time." What is really happening is stress in the body, and this stress is happening always in the present moment, causing constant rapid thinking in the mind, wavering between thoughts of the past and thoughts of the future. The whole sense of rush toward the future, and impoverishment of the present moment is a result of physiological stress.

That is why, if I feel that I'm rushed, out of time, ghasping for more  leisure, hungry for that sense of eternal expansiveness that is available not in heaven, not in a monastery, not on vacation, but in Presence: then make the time to practice pranayama and meditation. It is only through breath, exercise, and the deep discipline of centering that we end the mind's wavering from past to future, and come into the pure Presence of eternity, which is Now.

When the nervous system is stable and the brain is refreshed, when consciousness is alert and settled in the self-radiance of its silent Being, vast time available anywhere, at any moment.

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