Light & Dark are Both Divine

 "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness cannot comprehend it." (John's Gospel 1:5)

John could not trust a woman to be his teacher. He refused to transmit what Mary Magdalene taught him after Jesus had filled the womb of her mind with Wisdom.

Mary sang this teaching to John in a language of sighs. But the meaning is something like this:

"The Light shines in the Darkness, and the Darkness opens like a womb.

As a Mother bears her Child, the Darkness gives birth to Light. Yet many who see the Light forget to honor its source, All-Mothering Darkness.

"Do not follow those who teach that there is war between Darkness and Light, for they do not comprehend the Unity. Darkness and Light are both divine. Honor the Light, but return to the Dark Mother.

"Learn from Earth and her seasons: After sunshine blesses the land with harvest, its glow turns inward. Returning to the womb of Winter, light rests in a seed until the season of rebirth. Time is round as a hollow gourd, not straight like a vine. The vine grows from the pumpkin, though the pumpkin appears to hang upon it.

"Every resplendent creature returns to the Uncreated. No power transcends the power of the Mother. Offer all to Her. Nothing offered is lost." 

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