River of Giving: The Mother's Blessing

"Children of One Mother, until now you have been willing to seek spiritual blessings from a source within you. But in seeking material supply, you refuse to go to the same inner source.

"You have inherited an age-old prejudice for Spirit over Matter. You believe that earthly abundance is tainted, less worthy than spiritual light. Therefor, you have not asked for your material needs with the same pure heart that asks for spiritual blessings. You have imposed your disdain for matter and money as a thought-form over all your work, with the result that you work more and more, yet nothing seems to be working!

"If your work in the world is accompanied by an unspoken thought that says, 'Matter is unworthy: only Spirit is good,' then that is your prayer. Despite all your effort, you undermine your work by a subliminal intention to devalue the created world.

"Do not divide my blessing! If you want the fullness of Mother Divine's grace, this misunderstanding must change. From now on, see all abundance, including earthly wealth, overflowing from the same Inward Source.

In the economy of the Great Mother there are no wages, no labor and management, no credit and debt. My river of giving is not a two-way current, but a single unbroken stream, pressed out and overflowing. The individual soul does not make a deal with the universal Mother. My love is not a business.

"Then where does the river of giving arise? In the earth? The heavens? On Wall Street? In the World Bank? No, the Source of my river is the core of your own heart, where Divine Mother silently dwells inside you. Thus when you pray, pray not that my riches flow to you, but through you, from the fountain of grace at the center of your being!

"Keep the stream constantly flowing. Have you not seen that my hand is never closed? I cannot hold or keep. Why then should you? You are graced with what you give. But if you close your hand, claiming, this wealth is mine, flow stops.

"Letting go is wealth. Keeping is poverty.

"Is this not also the teaching of my Son, Jesus? 'To those who have, even more abundance will be given; but for those who cling to their lack, even the little that they have will be taken away.' (Matthew 13:12)

"Visualize material and spiritual blessing as a single current of energy radiating from your heart. Heart means heart, quite literally. As your heart pours out my river of giving, ask for nothing in return from any external source. Express only gratitude, never lack. You will be graced by the abundance that courses from within you to others: this is your Mother's promise! How do you think Jesus fed a multitude with a few loaves of bread? It is not a miracle, but the economics of enlightenment, replacing the old world order that quickly passes away.

Now when you pray, pray like this:

"Let my heart be your fountain, Mother. Let abundance flow not to me, but through me. May I be your channel of beauty and prosperity, to make others prosperous and beautiful. From the lotus of your dwelling place in the realm of silence at the center of my heart, pour forth a perpetual stream, in which the sparkle of the Spirit and the jewel of Holy Matter are one radiance. Use me, Mother, to fill the earth with your grace." 

A 'channeled' message from the Mother? No. Don't look for any 'channeling' from me. I would not be so presumptuous, and I don't think it's healthy to turn over one's conscious mind to another. Yet the Mother certainly has been communicating this message - silently, wordlessly, but with unmistakable conviction - to my heart. The words are only my attempt to translate her will, without bringing my literary or autobiographical  'I' into the text.

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