Burn all the evidence.

Burn every creature in the fire of seeing.

Then burn the 'I' that sees.

Choose seeing over the seer.

Choose to see the universe as a puff of unspun cotton consumed in an instant by a spark of awareness.

Choose to see the sun in each sparkle on the sea, the trembling transparency of Beauty itself in each beautiful face.

Choose to see the mother in the womb of her child.

Choose to see no fragment of difference between the sky, the breath, and the dust of Adam.

Choose to see no ashes left at all, for this fire means business!

See the blinding light of the Creator, not above creation, but in the heart of the creature.

See the widening spiral of our galaxy in a single atom of your fingertip.

Count infinity in one photon, millions of stars in a mote of dust.

Hear the cause singing in the effect, and the effect singing in the cause.

Feel the risen flame in a fallen leaf, the risen Christ in a fallen soul.

Burn all evidence of creation, until there is nothing left but Creator.

"For our God is a consuming fire!"

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