"Whoever drinks the water I shall give will never thirst; for the water I give becomes a fountain inside, welling up with eternal life." (John 4:14) 
O Master, my heart rests in You. Yet when I rest in You, I find this You in Me. Your touch, your word, your very breath awakens a fountain of Light in my thirsty heart. I burn because your flame has ignited me. Then I ask, is this divine fire-fountain Yourself or Myself?
So I listen, and this is what you teach me. Shakti, who is the Holy Spirit, bubbles up  from the silent core of my heart, stirred from eternal potentiality by the Master's kinetic touch. Yet as Shakti awakens, her Holy Spirit flows not from the Master, but from the Source who patiently waits in the heart of the seeker. The Master's role is no more, and no less, than to tap the wellspring of my own Inner Light. Then the Master turns the nurture and maintenance of that flow over to me.
The goal of every living religion is to transform Christ without into Christ within.
Deus intimeor intimo meo: "God is more interior to me than I am to myself." (St. Augustine)

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