No Answer

Our most important questions all arise from the same place and have the same answer. It's just the words that change.

Yes creates no and no creates yes, so what's the point of asking? Just rest in the itch where the question arises, before it forms a word.

There's a subtle pain deeper inside us than any question we can put into words. It's the nameless itch of  "I" (ahamkara). From this subliminal itch comes every spiritual question.

It's always the same itch, no matter what words we hang over it. And any answer that comes from someone outside us is just a temporary salve. The old itch always returns.

There is only one permanent answer that ends the pain. This answer never comes from outside. It arises from a place deeper inside than the question, deeper than the itch.

Awareness never has any questions. Embrace the itch with simple awareness, which is your core silence, and simply continue to feel it without scratching, without asking, without forming words. Then the itch begins to subside.

On the level of the question, there is no answer. On the level of the answer, there is no question. Dynamic resting in the source of the inquiry, before the question arises, is the only answer. 

This is why a true teacher never answers questions. A true teacher listens, then tells you to rest in the silence before the question arises, until this throbbing fades away. When the pain subsides, there is no question, and you are the answer.

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