Information & Unformation

Information is overrated.

Information tires me, and I encounter entirely too much of it. What interests me is Unformation.

Is there something prior to form, prior to thought, prior to the sound-byte of God's word?

Aristotle called it a tabla erasa. But Aristotle did not practice meditation. Otherwise he would have seen that what exists before this universe of information is not a blank tablet, but an abysmal majesty of Silence, a churning sea of possibility, a womb of magic.

Physics tells us that the vacuum is alive with vibration. Every photon and every galaxy that will ever be formed preexists in the formless as a virtual particle, a fluctuation of the vacuum. The void is a democracy. Whether, in the random grace of chaos, a vibration spills forth as a nutrino or a cosmos, is unknown until the blossoming.

It is fear of the void that drives all science, all religion, and all philosophy. We are afraid of emptiness because we imagine it to be nothing. But no-thing is not nothing.

If for an instant you have the courage to abandon your science, your religion, your philosophy, swim out beyond the shoals of thought into the uncreated abyss, and drown in the uncharted beatitude of eternal Silence - then, a moment hence, you might float back to the surface anointed, a Christ, and all creation unspeakably new.

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