No matter how rational or scientific we pretend to be, the ancient Gods, their stories, their myths and symbols, live on and dance through our speech, vibrating in the roots of each syllable in our language.
 The child singing "La la la la la" is chanting the name of 'Allah. Before you even think, your body says, "Pheuw!"  "Heh!" "Gah!" "Mmm!"  "Hah!" "Yo!" All ancient bija mantras, seeds of energizing meditation and names of the devas. Two such common ejaculations form the unutterable divine Name of the Bible, which for centuries was mistaken as "Jehovah." No one says "Jehovah" in their gut: but everyone says "Yah!" and "Huu!"  "Shhhh" is the sound of silence; "wow!" is the expression of wonder in every language. Put them together and they form the name of Shiva.
Now break your own name down into seed syllabus, and see whats gods and goddesses flow through your nerves and capillaries.

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