She creates the heavens and the earth in six breaths. First, quazars and inter-galactic clouds; then the brilliant sun, the coy moon; then green forests, sparkling waves; then flying, creeping, swimming creatures; then four-legged leapers, grazers, prancers; then this two-legged I Am, and you, my Love....

How shall we name it all? Where shall we go for dinner tonight? Under what tree shall we lie down and dream?

When we turn to Her, in the turning called prayer, we discover that our Creator is also amazed. She is even more dazed by creation than we are.

"I don't know how all this happened!" She cries. "It just spilled out of my heart, one breath after another. Oh yes, I created this, but I don't know where it comes from, what it means, or what its name is.

"You name it! Name it with your love. You find out where it comes from. Give it whatever meaning you choose. I must rest now. I too will lie down under a tree, and dream."

God breathes her seventh breath now, the Breath of Surrender. God surrenders to wonder and bewilderment.

Painting by Ule Ritgen

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