The Self is a Diverse Population

Every moment we pulsate between an infinitesimal point and a pointless radiance. That point is our passion. That radiance is our compassion.

Our passion makes us an individual human person. Our compassion is the infinite circle that includes all other possible points, and all other individuals. Our compassion makes us divine.

We expand from the subatomic to the cosmic, and contract from the cosmic to the subatomic, all in an instant. Expanding in pointless compassion sets us free. Contracting in a point of passion concentrates our juiciness and flavor.

If we do not dissolve our point of view in expansion, we get locked into ego. If we do not contract into a point, we get lost in space.

This principle in physics is known as Bell's Theorum. Each particle is a localized vibration of the entire field. Each point contains the whole, as a wave's base includes the sea. In the words of founding quantum physicist, Sir Arthur Eddington, "When the electron vibrates, the whole universe shakes."

In Ancient Indian philosophy, this same principle is called spanda, the root of the English word "expand." Spanda is pulsation, vibration, uniting individual and cosmos. The atom pulsates, the galaxies pulsate, consciousness pulsates.

You can be passionate about your point without being contained and trapped in it. You can have your point of passion, yet be simultaneously pointless, compassionate, all-inclusive. Every other point, even your opposite, has room to pulsate in your infinite circumference. Remember that you are not only an "I." You are the "Am" in which every other "I" pulsates.

We live in a marvelous wilderness of opposites, teeming with diversity. How wonderful that there are people who are passionate about things that don't concern you at all! How wonderful that you are passionate about things that don't concern others in the least! Each leaf and berry in the forest has its passionate advocate!

No one is compelled to be passionate about your passion, and you are not compelled to be passionate about theirs. No one has to agree about anything, as long as we expand and include each other, no matter how different we are.

The Self is a diverse population. The cup is so deep, and everyone pours into it, each crushed grape crying, "I!"

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