Flame Without A Candle

My favorite comedian, Vanda Mikoloski, says, "Why do we need beliefs? Why can't we just show up?"

Presence is unbelievable. I can't believe in the present moment. I can believe in the past, in what is already known, but it is impossible to believe in the present moment: I can only surrender to it.

Thinking shields me from the radiance of Presence.

A thought is never what is. A thought is the image of what has already happened and gone. Thinking is the shadow of the past, cast into the future to avoid the present.

I construct my beliefs from these shadows of the past. Belief is the story I carry, but that story is always over. I wrap myself in a story because I lack the courage to be present.

When I drop my beliefs, I can drop my doubts too. Doubt is just the flip-side of belief. Every belief conceals a doubt, springs from a doubt. Doubt is the true believer.

To be without believing is faith.

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Anonymous said...

I am present... In this eternity that condenses in every 'present' moment... that is re-created in every 'present' second...

What is the present? Isn't that moment that becomes 'past' as soon as we perceive it... Blessed is our awareness! Blessed is our perception!

Blessed is you... Taking us through your words to THAT other dimension... The 'undimensional' dimension... Love you... D!