I Create a New World

With this breath, I create a new world.
It is not a heaven but an earth,
full of radiant imperfections for you
to busy your hands and heart with.
I do, however, inscribe certain commandments,
not on stone but on your breast,
not with flames but with the cool green fire
that glows from inside leaves and lightning bugs.
First, let there be no shame.
Second, let there be as many paths to Me
as human hearts.
Also a path for the dolphin, a path for the moth,
a path for the thistle and poppy.
Some creatures, dogs, horses, the golden-hearted,
shall need no path, for they shall be paths
unto themselves.
Now here is the third and final commandment:
Thou shalt not say, "My way is the only way."
If you commit such blasphemy,
you will be wrapped in silk bandages,
anointed with blue lotus and hazelnut oil,
taken to an oasis for the possessed,
and nurtured back to health with milk
from the stars.

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