I'm OK With Not Knowing

I'm perfectly OK with not knowing.

In fact, I'd rather live among people who are content with not knowing than among true believers. If humanity is ever to transcend the insanity of religious conflict, it won't be when 'our' belief triumphs over 'theirs', but when we all embrace the sacred art of Not Knowing.

Sounds very Buddhist, right? Yes, we find the discipline of Not Knowing in Buddhist 'sunyata' (emptiness) and the 'nirbija samadhi' (seedless silence) of Vedanta; but we also find it in the heart of Christian mysticism. The 14th C. Cloud of Unknowing states:

"No one can think of God. Therefore it is my wish to leave everything that I can think of, and choose for my love the thing that I cannot think. For God may be grasped by love, but not thought.

"Nowhere physically is everywhere spiritually. Keep working in this nothingness that is nowhere, moved only by your love of God.

"Rest in this cloud of unknowing, with only a loving stirring blindly beholding the naked being of God alone."

Art by Jamal, Mystical Expressionism

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