I love what's round, nature's curves and asymptotes. She contains no points, only vanishings; no straight lines or right angles: they only exist in the mind. The mind is the realm of names. When we name things, they solidify into hierarchies. But when we return to the nameless circle, hierarchies melt into streams. Un-naming things makes them God again. The real revolution is silence.

God is fluid, the healing stream of melted names. Not one of us is a thing. Therefor, not one of us is superior or inferior to another. Not one of us, no, not one, is finite. Each creature bends toward the  infinite, entangled in every other.

If you want to overthrow the hierarchy of unmelted things, return to the circle. Be nameless. Swim in the fluid of divine silence.

This is why the elites of every religious hierarchy fear meditation, and every true revolution is preceded by a generation of mystics.

In the forest of the golden mushroom, I dare you to find a single straight line!

Photo: I took this photo today in the alpine forest on Mount Rainier: it is a huge mushroom, Laetiporus Sulphureus (chicken of the woods). No, I did not eat it.

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