A Glorious Day

All it takes for a glorious day is bright September sunshine and a little dog's heart, free from yesterday and tomorrow. Thank you, Creator. This is still a perfect world, freshly created every morning, and we'll create another one tomorrow....

Each morning we wake into a new creation, our eyes filled with pure thought-free awareness. When these eyes are perfectly awake, we see what we love and create what we see. In that waking wonder we have one precious moment to step into paradise.

But just a moment later, the mind of yesterday returns, our eyes cloud over with shadows, and we fear tomorrow. Then we shatter this new earth and step into the old one.

Friend, wherever you are at this moment, however weary and gray your life may appear, know that a fresh glistening green earth lies shattered like a Christmas bulb at your bedside, where it fell this morning as you opened your eyes, and chose to live here, rather than there.

Tomorrow, when you wake, remember this. Don't step into the past or the future. Step into the glory of today.

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