Don't Make the Path The Obstacle

I place obstacles on my path when I attempt to practice what cannot be practiced. Then the path itself is the obstacle.

Faith cannot be practiced. Surrender cannot be practiced. Love cannot be practiced. Non-duality cannot be practiced. Faith, surrender, love and unity are obstacles on my path as soon as I make them "practices."

The wise have left maps of consciousness, recording the landscape of spiritual evolution. They never intended these descriptions of consciousness to be "techniques."

No one becomes a Buddha by imitating Buddha. No one becomes a Jesus by imitating Jesus. I cannot become myself by mimicking somebody else. The poppy does not mimic the rose. No matter how hard it opens its petals, the violet does not become a lotus. All I can do is welcome the sun and rain with gratitude, rooted in my seed.

As soon as I let go of "technique," subject and object merge in delight. Oneness happens, not in the suppression of twoness, but in the dance of self-abandonment. When I'm not trying to be anyone else, love is the silent explosion of who I Am.

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