The Golden Fire

Nisargadatta says, there is no external behavior 
or sign that one is your Guru. 
"Your only proof is in yourself: 
if you find that you turn to gold, then you know 
you have touched the Philosopher's Stone."
Wherever you are, in whatever work
you do, 
the instant you turn your awareness inward 
to touch the Master, a golden dawn 
illuminates your empty heart sky, 
each candle nerve in the star-clustered chandelier 
of your brain suddenly bursts into flame, 
the melted ghee of surrender drips down 
from your forehead to your chest.
You need no image of the Master's face or 
repetition of his name, only an un-whispered 
touch of remembrance, a Presence-spark, 
to ignite the all-destroying sweet ananda-fire 
into which you are offered and poured.
This is not the pouring of a Spirit into you, 
but the pouring of your self into the un-selved 
chalice of the Beloved, where you vanish 
toward the pointless Radiance in the bottom 
of your heart, which overflows with emptiness
and a silence more tangible than flesh.
This is how your earthly Master becomes a heavenly fire.

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