Message From An Alternate Timeline

Hi, I'm Fred. It is 2012 here. This a message in a virtual bottle, a message from another timeline.

Physicists have recently taught us virtual messaging between alternate universes, so I thought I'd try it.
Perhaps there is another Fred in your timeline. You might remember him from the 60's.

In case your timeline unfolded differently than the one I chose, I'd like to share what life is like here.

There are no more nation states. We gave them up after Jimmy Carter was re-elected in 1980. In an astonishingly rapid transition, we moved from the outmoded concept of "nationhood" to global federation. We are one human family, though we each identify with our bio-region, enjoying tribal gatherings to celebrate our local produce, music, and dance.

We abolished war. And flags. There is only one flag, a batik green planet in an ocean of blue: but since each one is hand-dyed, every flag is unique.

Religion has disappeared, though most of us participate in a local shamanic circle for meditation, healing, and seasonal celebration. After all, there is only one religion: the melting of the heart. 

Meditation, the Healing Breath, and Yoga are taught in all our schools: they are considered to be the lab work for physics and chemistry.

We have replaced corporations with worker-owned cooperatives. There are no international banks, just bio-regional credit unions. We regard a line of credit to start your own business as a universal human right, along with free health care.

There are some rich people left, but they are gradually dying out and pretty much ignored by the rest of us. They live in dilapidated mansions, pretending that they still own the land around them. Of course, we realize now that no one can own land. Land belongs to the Creator. We regard these tormented elites with sympathy: they have a profoundly disabling character disorder.

I guess the big breakthrough was the abolition of oil companies and the end of fossil fuels. We now derive all the energy we need directly from the vacuum of empty space, where we have harnessed the innate fluctuations of virtual photons in the void, the very source of matter.

Every cottage (we live in mud cottages with thatched roofs) has a tiny black sphere on a metal pole. This golf-ball sized sphere of titanium alloy generates an infinite supply of energy. It also powers our hover-cars that zing silently through the air on invisible digital currents of information, never colliding.

 Milky Way over Lake Titicaca

Since we don't use fossil fuels anymore, the night sky is as clear as it was 10,000 years ago. We have strict laws against light pollution and entertain ourselves by going to Star Parks, where we walk down moon flowered paths or meditate sprawled in the grass, observing a rule of silence. We raise our children to do this instead of watching TV. They gaze through the void, over light-years of quietness, into the glory of night, listening to the sound of the stars.

In September, 2001, we enjoyed First Contact. The Federation of Planetary Communities welcomed Humanity into partnership. If you have a film in your timeline called "Men In Black," watch it carefully. It is highly accurate in every detail.

These alien guys have been with us a long time, and they are delighted with our progress. We call them Eldersibs. The Eldersibs told us about other earth-planets, on alternate timelines, that aren't doing so well. I hope you don't live on one of them. Some of these alternate worlds are ruled by corporate feudalists who promote perpetual war and destroy their planet with insatiable consumption of carbon-based fuels. Some worlds have been taken over by religious fundamentalists, who confuse sexual repression and violence with a "spiritual" lifestyle.

On one such earth a guy named Ramses, or Roman, or Romney - something like that - rose to power through voter suppression and the corporate buy-out of democracy. He started a devastating world war, just to stimulate industrial production and create jobs.

But life here in my timeline is good, and it is very good. I hope that wherever you are in this marvelous golden web, woven from interdependent threads of ever-evolving bliss-consciousness, you are happy.

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