Redistributing the Wealth of Consciousness

Political left and right struggle, but their struggle simply increases stress and division. The left wants to redistribute our nation's wealth, the right wants to keep wealth on Wall Street, or in tax-free offshore bank accounts.

Both solutions have been tried, both have failed. Neither redistribution of wealth, nor "trickle down" economics, bring harmony or productivity.

We need to solve the problem at a deeper level: in awareness itself. We need to REDISTRIBUTE THE WEALTH OF CONSCIOUSNESS, because money is never enough.

Store up your treasure within, as divine radiance, then let your light overflow into action. Practice Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya, then share your inner abundance with the world.

Citizens both rich and poor need more than a pocketful of dust. They need awakened hearts, minds cleared of negativity, spines strengthened by the power of Shakti, the Holy Spirit, sparkling energy of creation. This is wealth to be shared!

We have no world outside our consciousness of it. Activists who work at changing the world are really trying to change their own awareness without realizing it, because what they perceive as "the world" is the projection of their VISION.

Wouldn't it be wiser to affect consciousness directly, and work on the level of the cause, rather than the shadow land of effects? It is of utmost importance to ask how our vision affects the world. Does our vision uplift and heal humanity, or blame and divide one group against another?

We can only begin to ACT for peace when we SEE the possibility of peace as more real than our fears and resentments.

SUDARSHAN KRIYA, as taught by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, uplifts our vision at all levels: body, mind, and soul. Su-darshan means "supreme vision." Kriya means "movement of energy." Sudarshan Kriya moves our energy, by means of breath, to purify our vision. It roots out stress at the cellular level of our physiology. It polishes the mirror of our mind until the mind reflects the clear blue sky of unbounded awareness.

If we want to improve the world we see, our first responsibility is to transform the root of seeing, the seed of this whole manifestation. See the world with awakened eyes, and awaken the eyes of others. This is our undiscovered task, and a very deep form of activism. It bears repeating: we only make peace in the world when we see through the heart - when we project peace through our vision.

Sri Sri sees through the heart. He sends teachers into prisons, conflict zones like Iraq and Syria, cities ravaged by disaster, as well as businesses, schools, and community centers. Sudarshan Kriya heals stressed and divided communities. Why not teach it to Israelis and Palestinians, to Suni and Shi'a, to Muslim and Christian, to America's political Left and Right?

"Negativity is an indicator for you to move to your center and broaden your vision to cosmic intelligence. 

Instead of focusing your attention on some small hook for your negativity, look at the seed of the negativity. With kriya, meditation and silence, the source of negativity is nipped at the root. Then love blossoms.

"If you see through my eyes, there is so much beauty, so much love in the whole world. It just needs a little upliftment. Meditation will be able to do that." ~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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