Self-Knowledge is Innate Compassion

"Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." ~Luke 23:34

With these words from the cross, at the moment of his death, Jesus informs us that the fundamental human problem is not sin, but ignorance.

Ignorance of what? Math, science, language, computer technology? Or ignorance of something far more fundamental: our own Self?

To know the Self is not factual knowledge. In the Self, there is no data to process. No verbal or mathematical aptitude are required to know the Self. Nor is this knowledge the conclusion to any process of linear logical analysis. So in a sense, knowing the Self means Un-Knowing all else, until one settles into the source of knowing: boundless subjectivity.

Self is the luminosity of consciousness as its own object.

Rest in the empathy of the Self for itself, and know the natural compassion of all selves for each other. This is our innate morality.

Resting in Self-luminous compassion is meditation. If we want to teach the next generation to solve world conflict, we need to teach meditation in our schools.

One who rests in natural compassion sees the other, even the "enemy," as an expression of one's own Self, and spontaneously fulfills "the Law and the Prophets," because one now truly "loves one's neighbor as one's Self." (Mark 12:31)

There is no enemy. This is the only victory.

Graphic, Arabic words for 'peace' and 'love.'

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