Life is a mystery not to be understood but lived. Thus, great words do not convey understanding: they convey life itself.

And there is one word that bursts with infinite life when you plant it in the ground of inner silence. This is the word that Shiva whispered to Shakti, Christ to Mary Magdalene, Adonoi to his Shekinah at the world's creation.

This word is the mantra, the divine name. Nothing is more precious than the vibrant energy of God's name. Find it where deep calls to deep in the space of your heart, in brilliant darkness, in the no-thing where breath pours into the breathless.

The one who whispers that Word is the supreme Lord, and the stream of whisper-nectar is Mother Divine, from whose radiance every atom of this universe is formed.

Whisperer, sound and listener seem to be three, but are revealed as one through your astonishment.

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