Eyes touch. Hearts press, crushing the rose. Lips sealed with the honey of silence.

Information is not communication.

You may transmit all knowledge about the entire universe without any communication at all.

Or, you may transmit the wordless pulse of divine love through a gaze devoid of information.

When our jobs, our schools, our colleges, are about information without communication, they are lifeless. We think we will gain something by adding more information. This just increases our stress.

Less information, more communication: that is the new ancient way.

We are here to communicate. Information, without communication, is a dead wire.

Is your relationship a dead wire? Is your mind a tangle of dead wires? Are your eyes dead wires? What do you need?

Meditation is infinite communication. Each breath sweeps the cosmos, awakening other souls.

Is this information?

The connectedness we feel through electronic media has just been a hint about the new plane of communication into which humanity is rising.

This will become more clear and more available to those who open themselves after the Winter solstice, 2012.

Spread wings of intuition, soar through awakened space, the space of perpetual communication, the blue sky of wireless consciousness, dissolving the illusion of distance, transforming aloneness into all-oneness.

PHOTO: Hubble telescope, the Bug Nebula, NGC 6302. The fiery, dying star at its center is shrouded by a blanket of icy hailstones.

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