Heart Guide

"Heart" means heart. 

Yes, this physical organ, beating in the core of your flesh. For too long we have made "heart" a metaphysical term, and lost the real value of centering awareness in this miraculous temple of blood, muscle, neuron, hormone, and light. 

Not merely a pump, the heart is a neurological organ of intelligence, and an endocrine gland as well. Embedded in a limitless ocean of energy that connects you to the stars, your physical heart is also a portal to spiritual kingdoms.

But the heart's main function is guidance. The leadings of your Buddha-nature, your Christ-consciousness, your Gura-tattva, come through subtle wordless feelings in the heart. 

Follow what creates a pure sensation of warmth and expansion in your heart. Do not follow what chills and contracts your heart. It's that simple. The heart, not the mind, is what knows. 

(LINK: 'Intuition as Intentional Practice')

"The heart’s electromagnetic field, by far the most powerful rhythmic field produced by the body, not only envelopes each cell of the body but extends in all directions into the space around us. IHM Research suggests that the heart's field is an important carrier of information." (Institute of Heart Math, LINK)

"The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire."(Rumi)
"The souls ability to nourish itself lies in the heart." (Aristotle) 
"The beginning of prayer is to let the mind descend into the heart." ('Philocalia,' Orthodox Church)

The heart is surrounded by a neurological network as intelligent as the brain, connected to the brain in a feedback loop that generates spontaneous, self-evident global knowing. This intuitive way of knowing will guide not only individuals, but political communities. Intuition is the matrix where personal and collective intelligence interact. The energy-field of your own heart-center interpenetrates the heart-field of all humanity. Few humans yet sense the true potential of intuitive heart energy, or the extent to which their own Intuition will replace external institutions of government.

Intuition is instantaneous, collective, and all-knowing. Its non-localized omniscience connects all data in one Now of radiant seeing that circumvents the time-consuming sequences of Aristotelian logic. Intuition is a community of wisdom spontaneously self-organized, interactive, and non-hierarchical.

People who operate by the power of Intuition transcend competition and rank. Each finds their unique function in the network of the whole. The network of the whole is not a pyramid but a four-dimensional web, where every person is an invaluable link, communicating the electrical wisdom of others to All, and All to each. Yet each personal link augments and boosts the power of All by the input of its own creative vision. This dynamic network of self-governance, where individuals effortlessly interact with their communities, never gets tired or outdated.

The most powerful government on earth is not in Washington DC, or Beijing, or in any nation state. The most powerful government is the administrative authority that radiates from your own heart. We are entering the Intuitive Age, when politics will be absolutely local: localized in the authority of the individual heart. Operating from intuition rather than ideology will effect profound changes in our social institutions.
  • We will replace the hierarchy with the circle.
  • We will replace nation states with bio-regional communities, linked in one energy grid.
  • We will replace international banks with local publicly chartered credit unions.
  • We will replace corporations with worker-owned cooperatives.
  • We will replace centralized government with community meetings that reach decision by consensus. In fact, the concept of consensus will replace the concept of democracy.
  • World-wide religious institutions will disappear, replaced by local circles of shamanic healing, dance, meditation and celebration.
  • In schools and colleges, inter-connection of knowledge will replace specialization of knowledge. Learning will happen in circles, not lecture halls.
Such changes in the outward face of society evolve quite naturally as we shift our attention from the brain to the heart. There is no need to plan for these changes, to preach them from a bully pulpit, or to institute them through a political party. Simply begin to be more present. Dwell more in the heart. See more through the eye of the heart. Listen from the heart. Speak from the heart. These changes never happen in the future. They only happen in the now. 

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Felix Lee said...

These are really nice words.
We should live everyday following our heart...