Love Thyself

In vain do I love God if I do not love myself. In vain do I serve humanity if I do not love myself. In vain do I achieve perfect selflessness if I do not love myself.

This is the first and greatest commandments, the foundation of all others: Love Thyself. For if I do not love me, how can God love me? And how can I love anyone?

The Divine respects my intention, for intention is the first prayer. Therefor, God will not remove my dark cloak of self-judgment. If I choose to judge myself unworthy of love, and dim my own light, God will not interfere in my darkness.

Yet as soon as I say, "I am ready to be infinite light," divine brilliance is all there is.

I heard my teacher Maharishi say: "A wave asked the ocean, can I be like you? The ocean replied, it's easy: just settle down."

Now is the time to settle down, love myself , and return to God.

Let the "I" of the mind rest in the "Am" of the heart. The heart is an ancient ocean of love, radiating golden warmth at the center of the body-soul. Breathe through the heart, see through the heart, listen through the heart, whisper through the heart, "I love, therefor I am."

The awakened heart is not a metaphor but a practice. 

Jai Guru Dev.

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