Only One Religion

When Jesus' way becomes Christianity, it ceases being the Word.

When Sakyamuni's Dharma becomes Buddhism, does it have any Buddha nature?

When the holy music of the Koran becomes the doctrine of Islam, peace and surrender turn to war.

When Vedanta becomes "non-dualism," selves get tangled in the difference between One and Many, like bees trapped in the sweetness of their own honey.

From the beginning of time, there was only one religion. That religion is your breath. That beginning is now.

The only temple, the only mosque, is where breathing out becomes breathing in.

Those other places are just stone and mortar: good spots for meditation, though mossy stumps and forest pools are just as holy.

I'm not saying, don't go to church. I'm saying, when you do, offer flowers to the One who is everywhere.

The find Her in a child with out-stretched hands.

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